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Quilt Design Club

Using the book, 101 Fabulous Small Quilts, by Martingale Press we will explore design possibilities based on traditional quilt patterns. Beginners can make the quilt as it is in the book. Others can make choices based on color. Want to go further? Try adding elements or extrapolating elements. Or try embellishing the basic design. Create an art quilt. Explore how far your design flare can take you.
The best thing about this experience is that we are working with small quilts. You don’t even have to finish them. Keep them as samples for future larger quilts. Learn how the design process works for you. Expand your quilting experience and knowledge as you work. Working in a group will allow us to learn from each other as well.
New techniques and design principles will be taught each month.
The instructor, Tina Somerset, will teach and show new techniques and design principles each month.

We will meet monthly on the 1st Saturday of the month
10am to 3pm
Level: All
Maximum: 10
Cost: : $35,purchase the book before the first meeting

Instructor:Tina Somerset


Supplies Required for Course

You will also have to purchase the book before the first meeting.