Class Sample ~ One-Block Wonder

Date:  Saturday, May 6

Time:  10am-4pm

Price:  $40.00

Instructor Myra Dewey, please make checks payable to Myra

Print Class Supplies

Description:  Step-by-step instructions to make a beautiful One Block Wonder quilt.


Select a fabric with a minimal amount of background.  The larger the print, the less the finished blocks will look like the original fabric.  This is the result you want.  When shopping for fabric use the shop’s mirrors in a V shape.  Move them around the fabric to get an idea of the kaleidoscopes it will form.

Yardage Amount:

 To make a lap-size, twin, or full-size quilt, purchase 4 ½ yards for the hexagon blocks you will be making.  To add a strip of the original fabric in the backing, purchase an additional ½ yard.  I do not recommend using the original fabric as a border.  It makes for a very busy looking quilt.  I always choose the border and binding fabrics after I’ve completed the top.


 Measure the repeats in your chosen fabric.  Larger prints usually feature a repeat about every 24”.  This is what you want.  If you have a 12” repeat then count across the fabric, skipping every other repeat.  You want at least 4 – 4 ½ yards of fabric to make your hexagons.


One-Block Wonders Book
60 degree Clearview triangle ruler
8” – 12” ruler
Rotary cutter with a new blade.  (You will be cutting through 6 layers of fabric.)
Flower head pins

Additional guidelines for fabric:
Do not wash or iron fabric prior to class.  This removes the sizing and can distort the fabric.  You need the fold line in the quilt.  Trust me on this.  Please do not buy batiks.  They do not work for this process.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions.  Myra Dewey – 585-571-4888

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