July 18, 2017

Time of class:  2:00-4:30pm or 6:00 – 8:30pm

Cost of class:  $25

Instructor: John Kubiniec

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Discover creative ways to use your sewing machine’s Dual Feed Feature or walking foot to create simple and elegant quilting designs


+ Fabric scissors

+ Fine line pen/marker/pen so that you can write on your practice pieces

+ Thread: Bring a variety of threads to experiment with. Variegated, solid, different weights, different colors. Make sure there is some contrast with the fabric that you are using for a top fabric in your quilt sandwiches

+ Small ruler (6 inch thin clear plastic ruler is great – or 12 “)

+ Sketch pad and pencil



Sewing Machine with quarter-inch foot AND THE MANUAL – you need to know what stitches you have and where they are buried in your machine as we explore quilting design options. Also bring any feet that have an opening in the front – by that I mean – there is no metal going across the front of the needle – you have a clear shot of the needle and thread.



Dual Feed: Some sewing machines feature a Dual Feed feature. If your machine has this, you can do this class by only using the Dual Feed Feature. But if you have a Walking Foot – bring it with you.

Walking Foot: If your machine doesn’t have a dual feed feature, bring a walking foot if you have one. If you don’t have one – not to worry – you can still do the class.



Most sewing machines should come with a seam guide – this is an attachment that hooks on your foot. You are able to adjust it and use it as a guide for stitching parallel lines. If you machine has a walking foot – seam guides might be included with it. If your machine has these (and you can find them) bring them along. If not – not to worry, they are helpful but not essential

3 quilt sandwiches (top, batting, backing) that measure about 12 “ square. They don’t need to be basted. Use a light colored fabric for the top fabric (muslin is fine) and any fabric for the back (muslin is fine)



John Kubiniec, Big Rig Quilting, LLC






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Print out the Class Registration Form,  complete it. Either drop it off or mail it.  Please remember, checks must be made payable directly to the instructors.  (Note:  You are not completely registered for the class until payment to the instructor has been received.)

Please… Sign up for classes at least 2 weeks in advance.

We need time to prepare kits & samples so you will be able to enjoy your class. If there is insufficient interest in a class, you will be notified of cancellation one week prior to the class. So don’t wait till the last minute to sign up for the classes you are interested in!
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